Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm taking my Cadillac to Iraq filled with big macs. Iraq attack on my snack son that is wack, you all know I'm black, that's a fact. Ty FRY GUY is the name it makes kids go deranged when they hear the name. I'm so fly, I can touch the sky, KG can't touch me he is just like a baby butterfly, that I squished with my high five. I flew to outer space, cause I was getting chased by all them ladies, as if I was slim shady. Yeah kids your momma pays me! Spontaneous Generation is motivating, son why you hating? I can make money appear, straight out your ear. Like a magician in the kitchen, fighting the Lich King, soaring on death wing, taking over azeroth, well eating some murlock browth, serving up the Stormwind King, clipping death wings wings. Serving it all up and going to BW3s like a double OG to get some chicken wings.

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