Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simple Machines Used In Gulberd

My Gulberd had a edge on it after going down in loops, which would then blast them off the ramp with a little extra alien boost technology, which then would drop the ball into the landmines hundreds of feet away, setting off hundreds of explosives. The Gulberd had a ramp before as I said that would be with the wedges, giving the ball the final lift off over the ocean and into the explosive pit. Then my gulberd had a big screw, which was a huge loop going into circles, put together by wedges, which would lead the ball into the final wedge, and ramp.

Alternate Energies

All day everyday the atmosphere is getting weaker the only way to stop it in its tracks is to convert from
Natural Gas energy to wind energy and water energy. Turbines, which are big spinning blades set up into the air.
Each spin generates electricity, which is a healthy thing for the atmosphere instead of gas being burned into
the air. I think we need to convert completely to turbine electricity instead of this gas before it's to late, and
by that I mean a big problem will occur we will have no power, or transportation when that day comes.Then I'm
Predicting riots will start and many deaths will occur, if we do not convert before we run out. So we need to
convert now. Wind Mill energy will help us with our needs and will someday completely wipe out the need for
natural gas, thus keeping the World safe from riots, and maybe the theory of "GLOBAL WARMING"!

How Friction And Gravity Apply To Newton's Laws

How friction and gravity apply to Newtons Laws

Does the surface of a track affect the time it takes to get to the bottom?
Yes the surface of the track would affect the time it takes to get to the bottom, because if the track is smooth everything will go nice and smooth without any error. Then if the track is all rocky, uneven, and bumpy it would slow down the speed because it would create stops in the track that the objects going through the track would have to avoid or to blow right over. So that would slow down the same, so yes the surface of anything with a object on it determines the speed of the track.

Speed And Acceleration

A object with a bigger mass compared to a object with a smaller mass will have more speed when going down a hill, or surface going down. But it will take longer for the object that is bigger to gain speed than the smaller object but the object with the bigger mass will gain a higher speed than the other.

Newton's Laws

Newton’s First Law of motion is true because an object would never stop unless something would be added to it to stop the object like gravity, or if all of sudden the object ran into a wall, which would then stop the object from moving.
Newton’s Second Law of motion is true and applies to the physical world because a ball, or any object that has the ability to move, would stay at the same speed of falling or, rolling down a hill.But then as the steeper the hill gets the speed of the object would gain, and this is created by gravity pulling down on the object trying to make it get to a flat surface which will then stop the object once it runs out the momentum which was given to it from going down the hill.
Newton’s Third Law Of Motion is true and applies to the physical world because if you step onto a boat it will rock the boat in the water in a direction, but then if you’d step into the boat at a different location it would cause a different effect moving the boat in a different direction then before.