Thursday, March 17, 2011

Next Generation Roleplay

On the mean streets of Los Santos, I am known as Jeffrey Dahmer the top dawg. I live on the streets, and if someone disrespects me they get robbed at gun point. I might befriend you but, you know how it is.. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This game shows the life, and struggle of whatever you choose to be. A honest man working his daily hours, a gangsta, a cop, or whatever role you want to play in the world. That is my first reason.

My second reason is that The world we live in, we are limited to laws, but in Next Generation, there is laws. But you can go against them, but you'll have to deal with the police, and other crime fighting forces. But the smart don't get caught, or they retaliate against the police, or even get there homeboys to break them out of prison.

My final reason is because you can pick whatever you want to be, and this game is realistic, you have to act like your character would. Like if he is gangsta he has to have that slang, and brutality. You have freedom of doing whatever you want in the land of Los Santos, but people will try to stop you, but that can always be solved with a bullet.

Next Generation Roleplay

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