Friday, October 22, 2010

October Harvest

The question is for all who seek does patriotism still matter? Well the answer to that is yes. People everyday are out there dying for you, dying for their country to make it safe so it doesn’t turn out like Baghdad or Afghanistan. For the people who say war is wrong, and we don’t need it, they don’t belong in America. This country was founded on independence and war, and we need it to strive and stay number one. If there was no patriots this country we would have been gone a long time ago back when we were against the red coats, for the people who think war needs to end, it’s only just begun.
The definition of a Patriot is someone who loves their country and believes in its country’s beliefs and what it was made upon. Anyone who isn’t a patriot doesn’t belong in America. If you love the place you were born and you are a patriot to them you should have stayed there and not came over to America to take our jobs, when you don’t even have devotion for the place you’re performing your jobs at. Those people are the bad minorities, like the Mexican border control, with the Mexicans who want jobs but then eventually just end up back in Mexico wasting our tax dollars. This problem is also persisting with the other countries that are starting to crowd America, like the Asian countries. If this problem persists America as we know it will cease to exist.
Overall a patriot is someone who will die for their country, and defends it no matter what the situation is. Every person in the Army is a patriot defending our country whether we are defending our allies or us it ends up to helping America. Millions of American patriots have lost their lives during wars, and many more have died doing other good deeds for the land we call America.

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