Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm looking forward to the day I get my drivers license for a motorcycle not a car. I'm looking for the day I finish school and get to become a game producer. After that I'm going for a billion dollars to become one of the rich people of the world and help others and my family. I want to get a PIMPED out car later on with hydraulics, big rims and some other epic win features like Nitro. I want to make my family rich and everyone in my family spoiled. I want to game it out until I die, and introduce everyone in my family to games to, and the ones I create.
I want to have fun in life and make some big bucks, and then help out my family with that. I want to be powerful and control the dumb, and pay them low wage to be my servants like all the people that were trash in school and dropped out. So my main goal in life is to get rich, have fun and help out my family, and friends.

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