Friday, April 8, 2011

Love At First Glance

Their once was a creature that went by the name of KG, everyday he went pee pee. The baby creature was not potty trained, but for a fact he was deranged. One day he stumbled into a town, and started to shout. Where is my money, I know you took it, no doubt. Then a man saw the little creature, and he ripped off KG's gizzards. That is when KG raged, and went insane. KG saw a man that went by the name of Big Tone, and he told KG that he always had a big bone, and enjoyed the taste of toblerones. Then KG the little creature fell in love at first glance of big tone and started to dance. They frolicked in open fields of roses and started playing with each others Toe-zez, but then when they finished their dance and prance, a bullet flew out of thy sky and cursed upon its dead mothers eye that it would obliterate KG the little whiny baby.